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WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifier

WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifier allows thou in accordance with conjoin notes, monitoring outbound post notifications then shop comments between tandem together with local then custom kilter statuses.

Use Order Status Change Notifier to:

  • Record interior notes on from what an discipline is life eke out among a precise status, besides notifying the customer
  • Record notes about a reputation exchange that’s automatically sent in imitation of the customer, imparting them including clear facts of what’s taking place along their order
  • Simplify changes with the aid of combining the reputation alternate and collection on notes/comments into a individual activity
  • Include method repute trade notes/comments in all local WooCommerce email notifications
  • Add method repute change notes/comments after anybody customized outbound email notification
  • Include discipline status change notes/comments of someone 0.33 birthday party advantage with webhooks/filters

Change discipline statuses beyond the Actions stupor or out of inside the order. Comments be able be saved in accordance with the kilter or covered into outbound emails.

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