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Wil Text Card Addon – No more boring content block Wil Text Card is a plug-in for your website that allows you to create content block templates easily, without any coding knowledge. With Wil Text Card, you can write content without worrying about how the structure is generated.

Create an engaging content block in seconds

Choose from various block templates for your landing pages such as text box, text column, text carousel, slideshow, and rich text with image. It also offers advanced features like motion effects, CTA buttons, and icons.

Write with confidence

You can use the plug-in for any purpose – from your eCommerce site to your website for client development. Content is structured logically and beautifully so that all readers are kept engaged and excited about going further. Each content card is built on a base of strength and balance, making everything cohesive on a single page.

Easy to use, very fast, and responsive

You can use any WordPress theme to customize the plug-in. We’ve built it for you so it’s simple the first time. There are no complicated settings or settings options needed. Wil Text Card is also mobile-optimized for any screen size.

The price is affordable

Although the plug-in creates text block templates that provide a first-class presentation for your brand, its price is pocket-friendly and suitable for any business scale, even small ones.

Wil Text Card offers elegant text structures that transform boring text into an interactive one. There’s no learning curve—just pick the right template and start writing!

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