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WooCommerce Free Gifts Nulled allows you to offer Free Gifts to your customers in four ways.

WooCommerce Free Gifts Features

  • Award Free Gifts for making purchases on the site
  • Free Gifts can be automatically added to the user’s cart
  • Customers can choose their Free Gifts
  • Admin can create any number of rules in advance
  • Free Gifts rules can be configured based on Cart Subtotal / Cart Quantity
  • Admin can manually offer Free Gifts to any user
  • Maximum number of Free Gifts per order can be customized
  • Option to restrict Free Gifts if a WooCommerce coupon is already applied in cart
  • Option for the admin to restrict multiple quantities of the same product being chosen as a free product
  • Option for the admin to restrict the number of gift products from a rule based on the number of orders placed by the registered user(s).
  • Option for the admin to award free gifts based on the minimum quantity of the product(s) from the selected categories.
  • Option for the admin to consider the Sub-category product(s) in the Category Total criteria.
  • Option for the admin to award Gift Product(s) based on the User’s previously purchased order count.
  • REST API Support for Free Gift Rule(s).

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