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Elementor Pro Form Widget SendPulse Integration

is a SendPulse integration plugin for WordPress that will allow you to easily send data from your Elementor Pro Form Widget forms to your SendPulse account. Once integrated, the submitted forms will automatically be added as a contact to the selected address book in the specified SendPulse account, along with additional data.


  • Integrates your `Elementor Pro Form Widget` forms with SendPulse.
  • There is no limit on the number of `Elementor Pro Form Widget` forms.
  • When submitting the form, the plugin creates a contact in the selected address book.
  • The list of address books is loaded from SendPulse (including variables).
  • You can configure in each form what data you want to receive.
  • Sending in two modes: immediately when submitting the form or with a slight delay through the `Action Scheduler`.
  • Support for `utm` parameters from `URL`.
  • Support for sending `GA Client ID`.
  • Support for sending `roistat_visit`.
  • Support for multiple address books.
  • Double opt-in support.

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