Wise Disk Cleaner
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Free up disk space by wiping unused files

Wise Disk Cleaner helps you recover space on your hard drive by removing all sorts of junk files easily and fast.

The good thing about Wise Disk Cleaner is that it works with lots of different formats, from temporary internet files to installation logs, including user temporary files, old files and index files – with support for a wide range of extensions.
Plus you can add a list of folders to include in the cleanup, and filter special file types by including them in the exclusion list.
When launching Wise Disk Cleaner you’ll be presented with a wizard that guides you step by step through the whole process.
You can select which types of file you want to remove and the location you want to scan, along with tweaking a few options. The procedure can be automated, meaning you can schedule cleanups and also tell Wise Disk Cleaner to auto-exit once the task is completed.

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