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Topaz Photo AI is a software developed by TopazLabs, a company known for creating advanced image processing tools. Topaz Photo AI is specifically designed to enhance and manipulate photographs using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The software utilizes deeplearning technology to analyze and understand the content of an image, allowing it to perform various image editing tasks automatically.

Some of the key features of TOPAZ PHOTO AI include:

  1. Image upscaling:

    Topaz Photo AI can upscale low-resolution images while preserving details and reducing artifacts. It uses AI algorithms to add missing information and enhance the overall quality of the image.

  2. Noise reduction:

    The software can effectively reduce noise and grain in photographs, improving image quality and clarity. It identifies and removes unwanted noise while preserving important details.

  3. Image enhancement:

    TopazPhoto AI can enhance colors, contrast, and details in an image, making it more vibrant and visually appealing. It can automatically adjust exposure, tone, and other parameters to achieve optimal results.

  4. Deblurring:

    If you have a blurry image, TopazPhotoAI can help restore sharpness and clarity. It uses AI algorithms to analyze and correct the blur, resulting in a sharper and more focused image.

  5. JPEG artifact reduction:

    The software can reduce compression artifacts commonly found in JPEG images. It smooths out blocky artifacts and restores fine details, improving the overall image quality.

  6. Automatic face refinement:

    Topaz PhotoAI includes tools for automatically refining and enhancing facial features in portraits. It can improve skin tones, reduce blemishes, and enhance the overall appearance of faces in photographs.

  7. Batch processing:

    The software supports batch processing, allowing you to apply the same editing settings to multiple images simultaneously. This can save time when working with large collections of photos.

Topaz Labs Family:

Topaz Mask AI 1.3.9 – TOPAZ MASK AI

Topaz Sharpen AI 4.1.0 – TOPAZ SHARPEN AI

Topaz DeNoise AI 3.7.2 – TOPAZ DENOISE AI

Topaz Video AI 3.1.10 – TOPAZ VIDEO AI

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