HTC Sync
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Sync Your Multimedia or Back It Up

HTC Sync is a free multimedia syncing application. Whether it’s on your phone or desktop or even whether it’s on Android or iPhone HTC Sync provides a touch of the cloud storage everybody keeps talking about and uses it to let you keep your music and photos wherever you go… or make sure they’re never lost in the future.

Saved and Sourced

The file space provided by HTC Sync has a dual purpose. It allows for file backups of course as any cloud storage solution does. But it also allows for playback of music videos and other media on each device that’s synced. This makes it a powerful tool for having files on your PC and your phone intermingle. Or another use case: sync multiple family members’ phones on one account to allow for greater flexibility in the family’s use of multimedia. Past that it also can sync contacts bookmarks and other metadata which is useful for moving phones or keeping organized.

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