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Good programming does not only mean creating a flawless application. Hacking requires a lot more programming knowledge, relying on the same principle. In order to protect applications from such attacks or illegal distribution, various methods can be used, from simple password protection to securing it entirely with serial numbers. VMProtect Ultimate tries to aid in this regard, giving you the possibility to set parameters that determine the applications availability period and security methods.

Compatible with various compilers

An important aspect of the application, raising its practicability is its support for some of the most commonly used compilers such as Virtual Pascal, Visual Basic, Delphi or Borland C Builder. Thus, you are able to load EXE, DLL, BPL, OCX and SYS file formats to be thoroughly analyzed and processed.

Fitted with two analysis modes

The application features two modes. By default, you start off in the basic one, where content is displayed in a list, with the possibility to set compilation type to mutation, virtualization or both, as well as whether or not to lock selections to the serial number.

Switching to the expert mode opens up whole new opportunities that are best handled by advanced users. This enables the “Procedures for protection” tab to chop down imported files into code level display, with the possibility to handle existing procedures or create new ones.

More protection by creating scripts

In addition, a license manager lets you view existing ones or fill up a form in order to set parameters that bond usage period either to time or build number. Moreover, an object-oriented scripting language that supports classes, built-in functions, events, as well as calling other functions from external DLLs gives you the possibility to create automated scripts for enhanced security.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that VMProtect Ultimate is one of the tools you might consider keeping around for a safer distribution of your applications. The interface is well-organized to get you quickly up and running, while system resources used make it suitable for a large variety of configurations.

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