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USB Security Suite is a versatile toolset bent on providing enhanced security for USB removable drives in order to prevent viruses that spread through such devices from breaching into your computer.

Events logged for later inspection

USB Security Suite is characterized by a modern and intuitive design, allowing you to visualize and experiment with all the modules from the same interface. It is user oriented, which translates into the fact that you don’t need advanced IT knowledge in order to use it properly.

USB Security Suite comes with a modern approach towards the way autorun viruses are handled, being able to automatically detect them once you’ve connected a device, alerting you when such items are identified.

The virus analysis process is performed offline, which means you won’t be needing an Internet connection for the scan operation. All the more, all events are logged in detail in a complete overview of the USB activity.

Prevent malicious content from automatically running

The security level of the connected USB drives can be further enhanced via the Immunizer component, which prevents the creation of autorun.inf files and is able to fill the space on the USB with a dummy file in order to reject any file transfer attempts.

USB ports can be locked and unlocked with just a click, while access to the whole application can be restricted by setting an administrator password.

Concerning the customizations you can make, the program allows you to decide if autorun items should be removed with or without asking, as well as to enable or disable the activity log.

On an ending note

All in all, USB Security Suite comes across as a professional antivirus for USB devices, one that can shield you from autorun threats and can vaccinate the device against common threats.

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