SSH Shell 17.09
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– Switch between SSH sessions using swipe gestures with Trackpad or Magic Mouse
– Can manage multiple ssh sessions for different servers
– Automatically reconnect after disconnected by errors or waking up from sleep
– Remember and autofill ssh login passwords in OS X keychain automatically
– Able to manage private keys, and can remember / forget passphrases of private keys in keychain
– Servers can be imported from / exported as JSON file
– Integrated terminal is compatible with / xterm / iTerm2

SSH Functions:
– Able to compress SSH connection
– Support public-key, password, keyboard-interactive authentication methods
– Support Google Authenticator and Authy for two-step verification
– Support multi-factor authentication
– Can deal with DSA, RSA, ECDSA, ed25519 private key types
– RFC4716, PKCS#8 and PEM key formats are supported, compatible with OpenSSH

SSH Shell support mail: [email protected]

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