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Jet-fast browsing

Slimjet is a web browser that prides itself with providing its users fast and seamless browsing. It is also light and does not consume too much computer resources when compared to other well-known browsers like Opera, Brave, and Firefox Slimjet is equipped with its own built-in features and productivity tools that aim to make your sessions smoother.

Making life easier

Boosting your productivity by making usually tedious procedures simpler is one of Slimjet’s abilities. Like other browsers, it is capable of automatically filling out forms and login credentials to make it easier and faster for you to access your online accounts. It also has its own built-in ad blocker to prevent you from constantly being interrupted by pop-up banners. But what really makes Slimjet standout from other mainstream browsers is its other advanced functions that usually would need a third party app or program. For instance, Slimjet has its own screen capture and recording tool that you can use if you want to take a snip of what is going on in your browser or record a whole session. This means that there is no need for you to install a screen recorder in your device.

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