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Full-featured web browser with support for the Gecko engine

If you’re tired of your old web browser, try using alternatives which, despite not being very well-known, they work perfectly well. One of them is Sleipnir.

An alternative to the big players not to be stifled with

Sleipnir is a complete web browser that can fully replace Internet Explorer or Firefox. In fact, it uses the Internet Explorer core engine but you can replace it by the Mozilla Gecko engine if you want. Sleipnir also comes bundled with Roboform, a handy password and web form manager.When running Sleipnir for the first time, you can import data from quite a varied amount of browsers. I must say however that my first impression of Sleipnir wasn’t very good: the interface is simply bloated with buttons and toolbars, too many for someone like me who loves minimalist design.

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