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Create and edit your own sounds and songs

ReaScript: overhaul, many internal changes Perl support removed for now Perl support will come back when/if is completed see Help/HTML lists/ReaScript documentation for more information better error reporting more flexible Python support, should work with almost any version of Python on any platform set current script directory as start of path (look for modules there first) support for importing one ReaScript module into another support for setting a custom external editor for .py files (Preferences/External Editors) MIDI: improved merging of multiple MIDI sources (glue, receives, record output) looped overdub recording fix for crash bug (issue ID 3807) MIDI editor: actions to remove trailing (or all) notes of less than a certain length fixed odd behavior when option enabled to snap notes to the left Mouse modifiers: adjust envelope bezier curvature for all selected points at once fix for painting a straight line of notes over an existing note select all MIDI notes touched while dragging (ctrl+alt+right-drag by default) ReaTune: new instances on per-take FX will operate in item-space rather than in project-space resizable user interface, many UI improvements Theming: button overlay images now inherit scaling attributes from the underlying button image WALTER added reaper_version (example: 414) and mcp_maxfolderdepth VST: allow loading of OSX GRM plug-ins version 3.1.1 or higher (earlier versions crash) fix for occasional blank UI for Celemony plugins Audio Units: improved support for plug-ins that use unordered parameter IDs Envelopes: added option to not show affected envelopes when moving items across tracks Grid navigation: fixed for ts changes and larger grid divisions JS: updated IX effects Media buffering: option for lower buffer size when per-take FX open (to reduce visual lag) Media explorer: option to go to next item at end of preview Media item fades: optional handles for editing fades when the media item is small ReaScript/API: fix for getting track mute and selected state Regions: improved handling of envelopes when moving/copying regions Ripple editing: improved handling of envelope points, MIDI items, tempo changes when removing time Ruler: improved display relating to time signature markers and tempo ramps Tempo maps: improved tempo map editing behavior Time maps: fixed snapping bugs with ramped tempos and varying time signatures Video: improved video frame display speed when seeking

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