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Take Your Database Open Source with MySQL

All large websites need some kind of database for collecting and storing customer data. This can be anything from their usernames and emails to polling or browsing information. Finding the best software for the task sounds difficult but there?s one well-known solution which is great place to start- MySQL. If it?s good enough for Facebook WordPress and Google why not use this free software which can make managing your databases easier and quicker?

The Open Source Database

MySQL is technically an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) which essentially means that it sits on your server and stores information. Because it?s open source it means that it?s totally free to use. Various developers and experts have contributed towards making it powerful and broadly compatible. The Community Server edition is free for anyone to download and use on their site. Installing it is very easy (though of course you?ll need to know about setting up websites) and it?s known for high performance scalability and strong data protection. You also have a huge support network.

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