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Free web browser worth looking at

Mozilla Firefox is a classic, free web browser that’s been around since 2004. It fell out of favor in recent years, being overtaken by Chrome, newcomers to the browser scene, and even the new, improved version of Internet Explorer which, despite misgivings, was actually making a very good impression. Firefox took a little longer to get back on its feet. It’s here now, but has it done enough?

A browser that puts privacy first

Mozilla Firefox is no newcomer to the browser scene. It’s been around for many years and was once as popular – if not more – than Google Chrome. As Chrome thrived, however, it seemed to lose its shine and post-2013 seemed to slip further and further down the ratings. Well, Firefox is back with an all-new browser that really focuses on privacy. Will it be enough to save the veteran browser or is it too little, too late?

Download and install Firefox

The Firefox download is as easy and fast as you’d expect, as is the install. There are very few hoops to jump through – rather than offering you the set-up and sync options in the installation process, it simply installs the browser and offers sync subtly when it is done. The downside of this, of course, is that if you want any fine-grained control over the set-up of Firefox, you’re going to have to dive into the options yourself. We’d definitely recommend this because Firefox offers a lot of control over various options, especially privacy. Since this is possibly one of the main reasons you’ve downloaded it, it’s worth taking some time over. Check out your options by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the top left of the window >Privacy Protections.

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