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Mockplus is a nifty little piece of software, available for multiple platforms, that allows you to create mockups of other apps. Mostly by dragging and dropping, It lets you add icons, text, panels and other interface aspects to a template, and ultimately, to get an idea of what an app should look like before writing a single line of code.

Simple And Clean

The interface of Mockplus is a joy to use: fast, effective, and easy on the eyes, with mostly grays highlighted by oranges. There is generally enough contrast to tell the app’s various icons and components apart, though some potential users with weaker vision may have difficulty. ‘Icons’ and ‘components’, by the way, are the building blocks this app will have you use, with more than 3,000 icons and 200 components respectively. Components collectively represent the various non-visual things an app can do, from buttons to scroll bars. The selection of components available is solid, but it bears noting that if your app does something specific, there may not be a component to represent that.

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