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LinkOptimizer is a workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign which works with Photoshop to reduce InDesign link size, perform essential image adjustments, and convert image formats. LinkOptimizer helps users save hours – and days – of optimizing and converting links manually. The app allows you to dramatically reduce the size of InDesign job, accelerate output, cut down on processing time and reduce production costs.

  • Reduce link size and optimize resolution:
    • LinkOptimizer will automatically reduce the image resolution, scale and crop the images in Photoshop according to their dimensions in the InDesign document and the target resolution specified, and reimport them to InDesign at 100%. Resolution upsampling is also possible.
  • Perform essential image adjustments:
    • Convert colors
    • Apply sharpening filters
    • Merge layers and delete hidden ones
  • Convert image formats
    • Convert links to JPEG, PSD, TIFF, and other formats automatically
    • Embed/unembed color profiles
  • Advanced options
    • Batch process InDesign files
    • Run Photoshop actions
    • Process specific InDesign layers
    • Optimize images for external use such as web design without relinking to InDesign

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