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Krita Desktop can free you from paid paint programs

One of the most frustrating things for an artist or graphic designer, or even a hobbyist just wanting to play with some artistic tools, is the stranglehold of the major programs. Adobe and other large software producers are so entrenched in the industry that most artists will need their expensive software at some point, to create impressive works. However, this is not entirely the case thanks to software like Krita Desktop, which provides free access to powerful paint software, for everyone.

Liberate the paintbrush

Krita Desktop has been developed by a group dedicated to providing free tools for a variety of tasks. With many hours of volunteer work and work paid by donations, they have produced items like Krita which is an open source graphic illustrator. The power of this free program is not to be underestimated, as it can do much that paid rivals can do and more. The obvious options like line drawing, brush sizes, palettes and cut/copy are all present, including advances features like layers. One of Krita’s extras is a brush stabilizer option, offering three ways of automatically smoothing out your lines as you draw- a huge boon to many artists. There are multiple customisable brush styles or ‘brush engines’. Best of all, you can import brush and texture packs made by other artists, truly embracing the open source, cooperative nature of this software. Offering straight line and ellipsis assistance, quick mirroring, vector layering, feathering and more just makes this program super powerful.

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