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Manage multiple devices easily

IOTransfer is the latest program from IOTransfer Studio that allows users shift their files around from various devices to keep everything available, whether you are using an iPhone, an iPad or a personal computer. The file management tool is free to use on a seven-day trial period but it limits you to 20 transfers per day until you pay.

The ultimate Apple device manager?

As far as utilities & tools software goes, IOTransfer represents a useful package. The program has been developed for users who have lots of files and documents on their iPad which they want to back up or gain access to on their PC. Given that historically Apple devices have not been the most user-friendly when they are plugged into anything other than other Apple gadgets, this software is extremely useful because it makes shifting files from A to B child’s play. Need a document that you wrote on your iPad and want to combine it with images that are held on your iPhone, but want to do all of this on your PC, perhaps to make a Powerpoint presentation? If so, then IOTransfer is the management tool for you. Within a few clicks of your mouse, it becomes possible to access everything that you might need – even if you have lots of iPads connected to your computer. As well as making transferring easy, a key function of the program is that it allows users to keep their Apple devices’ memory freed up. All too often, you cannot take a snap, record a video or download an app on an iPhone, for instance, because the operating system is taking up too much memory space. With this package, you can organize your files so that there is always room for something new when you are on the go.

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