Hej Stylus! – Makes your cursor behave like a brush. 3.7.1
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Hej Stylus! is a control system for your graphic tablets pen, mouse or other input method. It gives you control over the smoothness of your lines — damp out little irregularities up to using Hej Stylus! like a ruler. Its pressure-control system lets you define pressure control curves has pressure smoothing and buffering. Also the tilt and rotational information that is delivered by the graphics tablet can be processed.

You can store, recall and exchange your personal presets with others. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to configure your pen, mouse, or other input method to create awesome art with any software that is running on a Mac.



  • Hej Stylus! smoothes position, pressure, tilt and rotation
  • it has a pressure mapping system for modifying the pressure in/out of a stylus
  • it has 4 ruler tools: Instant, Vanishing Point, Linear/Bendy Ruler, Circular/Elliptic Ruler
  • Precise Angles: draw in up to 6 ruled directions in one tool
  • …and our journey is far from over. Coming up next: Perspective, Solo Bendy Ruler, …

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