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GitHub is one of the most successful code repository for software development projects that are revised using the Git control system. Because it is a web-based hosting service, you need to manage your files using your browser.

Fortunately, you can also use the GitHub Desktop client to manage the files you have uploaded to your repository. It requires you to have .Net Framework installed on your computer, a stable Internet connection and a GitHub account.

Reliable remote repository manager

The application gives you the possibility to connect to your GitHub account in order to organize and manage the code files stored on it. This way, you do not have to go online on your browser to do so. In addition, the GitHub Desktop application helps you synchronize your files whenever an update occurs, so that you have access to the latest code changes.

Aside from this, you can easily create new branches for your projects, so that others may modify your code and enhance its functionality.

Handy code file synchronizer

The GitHub Desktop application provides you with a convenient way of saving all the online modified code to your computer, by “cloning” it. Furthermore, you can do the same operation from the regular GitHub to GitHub Enterprise, thus saving you a lot of time from manually transferring these files.

Furthermore, you can easily change the default shell of your resources, so that your code gets compiled and ran with the appropriate tool. You can switch between Cmd, Git Bash, PowerShell or a custom one, helping you properly compile your projects.

A lightweight, yet powerful file synchronizer and repository manager

To sum it up, you can use the GitHub Desktop application to quickly manage your remote source code repository or synchronize any changed files with the ones you already have

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