Display Driver Uninstaller
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A Tool that Thoroughly Cleans Your Graphic Chipsets

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) is a portable and lightweight software utility tool devised to assist you with uninstalling AMD, Intel and NVIDIA display drivers. Not entailing any complex installation process, you can work your way around this tool even if you’re not a geek.

Simple and Easy to Use

DDU is a tool that can be used by even people with little-to-zero technical knowledge. There is zero installation involved and no complicated settings to deal with too. The program files can be extracted to any portion of a hard disk. You can even save the tool to a less conventional storage unit such as a USB drive. This makes it easy to run the tool on any computer with minimal effort. Moreover, the tool supports different languages, is known for its good response time, and doesn’t require much RAM and CPU to run. Your PC’s overall performance would not be affected, as a result.

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