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Cerberus FTP Server is one of the most popular and powerful secure FTP servers available today. It provides secure file transfer with powerful encryption, automated management and monitoring tools, and flexible user access permissions. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Cerberus FTP Server such an excellent choice for secure file transfer.

Secure file transfer

Cerberus FTP Server provides incredibly secure file transfer, ensuring your data remains secure between the server and its many users. All data transfers are secured through SFTP, FTPS, or HTTPS protocols, and all passwords are encrypted with AES-256 encryption, one of the most secure encryption algorithms available. Cerberus also allows you to configure the server to require clients to use two-factor authentication, making it even more secure.

Easy to set up and manage

The server software itself is also incredibly easy to set up and manage. It includes automated management and monitoring tools that make it simple to set up users, manage access rights, and monitor performance. You can also customize the server to allow or block specific file types, restrict access from specific IP addresses, and more.

Great features

Cerberus FTP Server also has some great features that make it even more convenient. It can be configured to run as a Windows service. So it will remain running even if the user is logged out. It also has built-in email notifications that can be configured to alert you when certain events happen, such as when a user logs in, or when a transfer fails.


Cerberus FTP Server provides flexible user permissions. Allowing you to control exactly how and where users can access files on the server. You can assign individual folders read-only, read/write, or none at all. You can also assign access to single or multiple IP addresses or entire subnets.

Overall, Cerberus FTP Server is one of the most secure and powerful options for secure file transfer. It is incredibly easy to set up and manage, and provides the highest quality encryption for data transfers. If you are looking for an FTP server solution that provides secure, flexible access to your files, then Cerberus FTP Server is definitely worth considering.

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