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Buildbox is a program that helps create games for all major platforms and operating systems (iOS, Android, Steam, Windows). It is an innovative tool that aims at helping creatives turn their ideas into reality, without the need to start learning code for implementing their concepts. With a good-looking interface and options for both beginners and professionals, it is an excellent choice for anyone.

Simplicity with variety and precision

We all know how intimidating it can be starting to learn a new tool/program. It takes days to go through guides and documentation, to learn how to do things. With Buildbox, the struggle does not have to be so intense. Their website offers a bunch of predefined elements and a diversified series of game templates with a plethora of prebuilt functionalities.

Besides game templates, Buildbox has a blog, tutorials, a manual with descriptive pictures, detailed, clear explanations and indications. Being a beginner can be difficult and Buildbox strives to make its program’s adoption smoother, easier, and faster for all its users (which makes them inclusive compared to other similar tools on the market). They also have a supportive community; in the app, in the bottom left corner, you have quick access icons to their main channels: YouTube, their Facebook, Discord, email, and a link to the official Buildbox forum.

Taking game development to the next level

The types of games you are able to design are extremely diversified. You can start creating 2D models and have zero code-related inputs, employing the steps indicated by the manual with the easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. On the contrary, if you are well-experienced with game development and have the desire to make custom 3D environments and assets, or want to use code to style your elements, Buildbox has those options, too.

When you first open the app, Buildbox gives you the option to get an assisted wizard or start navigating templates. After your project’s creation, you will begin organizing your game’s flow in the Mind Map (a nodes-based representation of your game’s structure). Next, you start adding, from the library, assets (objects and characters); for each asset, you will use Brainbox to add characteristics and functionalities like movement, physics, others (e.g. reaction to collision). Then, you set the user interface and the ad monetization options, and finally, export the game for the chosen platform.


To summarize, Buildbox is an excellent tool for beginners and those who are new to game development. It is free to use and you can start to experiment with it today. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to take your game development skills one step further and level up. The program has the ability to sustain more advanced requirements. Of course, there are other tools for game development, but Buildbox stands out based on its remarkable ability to offer game building options for all levels.

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