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Importing a database to an ASP.NET website can get a little tricky, especially when your database has other format. In order to generate a ASP.NET-supported webpage that uses transformed data imported from various databases, you need specialized software, such as ASP.NET Report Maker.

In order to fully function, the application requires Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), Visual Basic, Microsoft Windows Script, MSXML Parser, IIS Express, Microsoft Jet, Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components, Microsoft Access Database Engine, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Client, Internet Explorer and .NET Framework installed.

Create and design ASP.NET reports

ASP.NET Report Maker can help you create report for various databases and ASP.NET webpages. Furthermore, you can seamlessly generate ASP.NET webpages using the information contained by certain table sets and databases.

Each created report contains details about the table sets and properties of all the imported databases. This way, you can clearly view crosstab reports, which could help you integrate data faster into your webpage.

On-the-fly, rich-featured HTML table generator

ASP.NET Report Maker features a powerful HTML table creator that allows you to easily edit the layout of each ASP.NET webpage created. You can change themes and text styles in an instant, then see the results.

This can help you decide which layout would make your report webpage look more interesting, without any obtrusive colors. In addition, you can change the site icon and title, giving it a personal touch.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use ADO.NET report creator

All aspects considered, ASP.NET Report Maker is a program that allows you to use information gathered from various databases in order to create summaries and webpages with them. You can connect a database to the report webpages, in order to easily explain the tables and datasets contained.

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