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Art Text 4 is a graphic design software tuned for creating text effect and text style-based graphics. The app contains a multitude of text design presets and effects to help you create visually enhanced photo captions, logos, newsletter and flyer headings, presentations and even movie titles.

Art Text 4 offers 180+ free text design templates, and you can get more via in-app purchases. These templates are great for a quick start and design inspiration.


• Unique 3D Engine.

Type a text in Art Text, and watch it instantly create a 3D model from a user-chosen typeface.

• Bump Map Technology.

Add and fine-tune bumps and wrinkles on a 3D text surface to simulate the natural roughness of brick, ice, rust metal, etc.

• Reflection Mask Tool.

Maximize surface roughness authenticity with Reflection Mask, which defines reflective and non-reflective areas. It is especially useful for rusty, decayed or scratched surfaces.

• Environment Textures.

Environment texture is a great way to simulate reflections from external sources.

• Light Options.

Control the way 3D text is lit by moving spotlights and changing light colors.

• 200+ Material Presets.

Creating high-quality 3D typography is simplified with material presets. Each preset is an exclusive combination of texture, bump map, environment and light options.

• Soft Shadow.

Activating the shadow option will drop the natural shadow of a 3D text object.

• Glow Effect.

The 3D glow effect makes bright surface areas literally radiate.

• Parallel Projection.

See how 3D object view transitions from Perspective to Parallel projection instantly.

• Facebook 3D Photo

Export 3D text in the format suitable for Facebook 3D Photo.


• Spray Fill.

Populate text with over 440 photo objects to simulate the effect of words being laid out with such objects as coffee beans, color balls, autumn leaves and clouds.

• Distortion Effects.

Edit fonts beyond common typeface options to wear out text sides, create random holes in the body, partially dim text and much more.

• Shading Materials.

Create convex and embossed text effects or replicate a gleam of light on text.

• Twist and Bend.

Transform text shapes with any of the 24 transformation patterns.

• Text Outline Effects.

A common set of effects includes: Shadow, Glow, Inner Shadow and Stroke.

• Brand-new rendering based on Apple Metal.


• 180 text design templates.

• 122 style presets for quick text effects.

• 750+ supplied smart shapes, vector icons, symbols, signs and hand-drawn shapes.

• 150 masks.

• Dark and light appearance supported.

• Extend workspace to an iPad display thanks to Apple Sidecar support.

Export the entire graphics to PNG, PDF, JPEG, GIF, EPS format, alpha channel supported.

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