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A great download manager to organize your downloads

The Internet is a cornucopia of knowledge, and videos are one of the most effective ways of disseminating information into the world. As a result, no one can blame people for wanting to download videos of all kinds. There are so many video downloading software on the market, so how do you choose what you should use? It’s going to be a matter of opinion in the end, and in my opinion, the Ant Download Manager and Video Downloader by antGROUP is one of the best software for this purpose. It can’t just download videos, it can also manage and organize your downloads.

Initial Confusion

Before getting onto the initial impressions, we should talk about the installation process. The installation wasn’t confusing at all. It was quick, simple and easy. The Ant Download Manager and Video Downloader does not require any additional software installation in order to work. However, make sure that you install the browser extension of the program in your browser. While this isn’t strictly necessary since you can still use the program without it, it actually speeds up the downloading process quite a bit.

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