AMD Driver Autodetect
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Install new video cards in seconds

AMD Driver Autodetect is a simple and small utility software from AMD, which allows users to download the most recent drivers dedicated to their graphics card. If you are worried about downloading the wrong driver or you don’t want to manually find drivers, this app can help. It automatically searches for updates, downloads the searched driver, and installs them all in a one-click operation. Users must note, however, that the program can only identify drivers exclusively for AMD graphics cards.

An easy and efficient app

Typically, users can update their drivers using Windows built-in functions, but that does not always lead to the best result. Hence, it is advisable to search for new drivers directly on the website od the producing company. Doing so, however, is somewhat a tedious task, and sometimes can cause for you to download the wrong update. Here enters AMD Driver Autodetect. It helps you find the right driver and installs it for you.

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