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Amadine is the ultimate vector graphic and illustration software. The app is perfect for graphic design professionals as well as amateurs with creative minds. Developed with precision and attention to what users need, Amadine offers every tool and function to bring the craziest illustration ideas to life.

Perfectly balanced UI guarantees swift and easy workflow. Smooth learning curve provides for a quick start when designing illustrations, websites, user interface, print materials, and company branding.


• Customize UI with attached or detached panels mode.

• Store multiple artworks in one document.

• Create multiple layers and sublayers.

• Different layer blending modes.

• View options: pixel/retina preview, outline, guides, grid and rulers.

Advanced Drawing

• Use more than 30 tools for selecting, drawing, editing, slicing and typing.

• Add multiple strokes and fills, create unique stroke profiles using the Width tool.

• Write text on a path or inside a shape.

• Perform union, subtract, intersect and exclude operations on selected objects.

• Draw using pressure sensitive tablets.

• Create art with responsive and natural brushes.

Path Editing

• Create paths using the Path and Draw tools.

• Add, remove and arrange the anchor points.

• Convert points to corner points and smooth points.

• Edit paths and shapes that they form using the Knife, Scissors and Eraser tools.


• Export the entire document, a sheet or a selection JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF and SVG.

• Touch Bar and QuickLook supported.

• Automatically saves versions of documents you are working on.

What’s New

Version 1.2.1

We are actively developing the program. In this update meet text lists and alignment with respect to the sheet. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions at [email protected]

New features:

– It is now possible to use numbered and bulleted lists in text. In the text settings you can choose the bullet style (number, bullet or letter) and set the distance between the bullet and its text.

– The Align commands can now work with respect to the edges and center of the sheet (when there’s only one object selected).

The Recolor operation:

– Improved Saturation algorithm – monochrome colors are now brighter.

– Improved performance for duplicated groups of objects.


– Draw tool: it is now possible to draw with fills. A corresponding setting was added to the app’s Preferences.

– Lasso tool: anchor and direction points can now be manipulated – it is possible to move them or change their type.

– Text and images can now be dragged into the program from a web browser and Photos.

– Automatic scrolling has been disabled when the Draw tool is active.

– Various interface and usability improvements.

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