Adobe Character Animator
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Adobe Character Animator is an animation and motion capture software developed by Adobe Inc. It allows users to create 2D animations using live motion capture and recording.

Some of the key features of Adobe Character Animator include:

  1. Motion capture: Adobe Character Animator allows users to use a webcam or other motion capture device to record their movements and apply them to a 2D character.
  2. Lip sync: The software includes automatic lip sync technology, which analyzes the user’s voice in real-time and applies the appropriate mouth movements to the character.
  3. Puppet creation: Users can create custom puppets using pre-built templates or by importing artwork from other Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator.
  4. Real-time animation: Adobe Character Animator allows users to preview their animations in real-time, making it easier to see how the character will look and move.
  5. Integration with other Adobe applications: Users can easily import assets from other Adobe Creative Cloud applications and export their animations to Adobe After Effects for further post-production work.

Adobe Character Animator is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which provides access to a range of Adobe applications and services.


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