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PHP is the most popular server side programming language. The year 2015 was a huge year for PHP developers, because the PHP 7 was released with many cool features for better performance and interoperability. PHP can be easily embedded with HTML and that is one of the advantages that make it appealing. With time the new versions of PHP have developed and trends have also changed. Website speed and better user experience have always been the main drivers for the changing trends.

Latest trends in PHP Development:

1. The Language Gets Better with Time:

Innovation comes from tough competition between programming languages. PHP 7 has a lot of improvements including faster code execution, memory usage optimization and new interoperability features. With heavy focus on security the versions of PHP have been updated four times. The adoption level of PHP 7 is growing faster than ever. It is also supported by Magento, Symphony and many other content management systems and frameworks.

2. Flexible use of PHP in Web Development:

Interoperability is one of the major web application trends. If you run an e-commerce website and you want to expand its functionality, you can borrow certain features from the other libraries. It is important to have a middleware and for that; you can use Zend expressive and Slim 3 middleware solutions too. With this, the developers can access any package or component of any PHP framework.

3. Internet of Things (IoT):

The internet of things is a complex system which consist of 3 layers like smart gadgets, infrastructure and apps. PHP has a dynamic nature and speedy codding. This is exactly why PHP is suitable for IoT infrastructure solutions. PHP includes a library can write asynchronous code using synchronous coding techniques. It means that PHP code can run several tasks by using the same script.

4. Virtual Reality:

In the world of web there is another area of great interest – Virtual Reality. Google and Mozilla have already begun working on API’S that include virtual intelligence technologies to provide better results.

5. Web Design Evolution:

The most attractive part of any website is its design. People want engaging and interesting ways so that they can get information quickly. With help of this server gets better security and improved user experience. Web hosting providers upgrade to PHP 7 because of its increasing popularity and rich features.

Above all, PHP still stands as a robust programming language for web development and the most popular one too. It is obvious that it is among the most trending languages in the world of web development. There have been many adaptations and implementations of PHP and a number of content management systems use it as a backbone. With the flexibility and stability provided by PHP, developers can provide innovative solutions to their customers. The demand for PHP shall keep growing in the near future and it will remain as the most robust programming language that the web world has seen.

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