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ZipFile is a script for hosting and sharing files. You can use this script to securely host your files on popular file hosting services or on your own server and share them by adding an email address or link.

ZipFile boasts the following features to help you save time and share files easily:
– Simple file upload system
– Multiple file sharing recipients at the same time
– download all files at the same time, automatically archiving them
– streaming download and archiving
– Amazon S3 as file storage
– backblaze b2 as file storage
– sending an email notification to the sender and recipients
– the link can be shared with anyone
– the ability to share already shared files with anyone without downloading files
– the ability to delete files from an already shared link
– 30 days of validity of each file
– Backend access to view all files and a list of other details
– download Zip files from the backend directly
– remove file sharing
– block users by IP

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