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ZennoPoster v3 Pro is a one-stop solution for automating SEO tasks. With it, in just a few minutes, you can automate any work in the browser that you previously did manually. Thanks to ZennoPoster v3 Pro, you will have at your disposal dozens of registers, parsers, posters, uploaders, social hostages and much more. You can easily write your “loot” button, without having any special programming skills.

Key features of the ZennoPoster v3 Pro program:
– multithreading (independent cookies, cache and proxies for each stream);
– work with proxies (including automatic collector and checker);
– visual drag & drop interface;
– automatic recording of a template according to user actions;
– flexibility and logic;
– human emulation system (automatic bypass of many types of protection against bots based on javascript, Ajax, captcha recognition, verification by e-mail, IP restriction, PopUp windows);
– Advanced disguise (when registering thousands of accounts on one site, you will be defined as completely different network users);
– support for managing the browser from its code;
– A unique generator of humanoid nicknames;
– support for macros.

ZennoPoster v3 Pro is:
– Regg of freehosts, social networks, twitter, mailboxes, forum profiles, blogs;
– parser for search engines, forums, sites with any content;
– A poster in blogs, forums and other sites;
– file uploader for file hosting, images for image hosting;
– Social bookmarking, etc.

There are 2 versions in the archive:
-ZennoPoster v3 Pro
-ZennoPoster v3 Lite.

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