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It is difficult to understand the real quality and details of an Internet product when you look at it. In this regard, YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier offers an excellent tool for a thorough perception of the quality of products.

We know well: we need to observe with our own eyes to understand the importance of the product.
But how can we do this when we buy online? We want to have guarantees, our hard look wants to be satisfied, and using quality images to enlarge can be very useful.

It would be even better if these images represented an object from different points of view: in fact, recent studies have shown that observing an object from different points of view can convert up to 27% more! YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier also includes this feature with a convenient image carousel under the main frame.

In addition, the zoom window allows users to read product information along with the freedom to view details , creating a better idea of ​​what they will buy. And for the most demanding users, the image can also be opened in its real size, giving them all the time necessary to analyze what he wants.

Therefore, regardless of whether your users are looking at your products from a PC or mobile devices (where you can also deactivate the zoom window due to lack of space), they can only admire their full quality!

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