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Have you ever felt like part of a family while shopping online? Imagine that after purchasing your favorite product you will immediately receive a custom text message, including personal thanks and information that your purchase was successful, do you know what will happen?
A caring attitude will significantly increase customer confidence in the company they have chosen to buy! And the direct consequence of this is that they will feel surrounded by tenderness and care. All thanks to a simple text message.

Companies that send text messages to their customers after their purchases or inform them of any possible problem are often considered trustworthy. Think about it: your bank sends you text messages when you make a banking transaction, large clothing stores also send text messages to their customers, and you?

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce SMS Notification, you can immediately send text messages to your customers, informing them of any changes in the status of their order.

Several different gateways, such as Twilio and Clockworks, are used to deliver these text messages, and you can also receive them if you want.

If you need to receive notifications via SMS about each processed purchase and that a failure has occurred in your store, you can do this in a few clicks, and all your sales will be monitored.

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