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In the era of social networks, the keyword “share” is a simple and immediate action that gives an idea. Therefore, why don’t you take advantage of the one who is advancing? With YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts, your customers will be very happy to inform you about themselves in their profiles on social networks, because in response to their kindness, you can offer them a discount code for making purchases on your website.

The exchange system is simple: just one click is enough to publish the page you are viewing on your profile. Thus, if your customers are encouraged to publish the pages of your e-commerce site in their profiles, your exposure will increase significantly, attracting more people without any effort.

YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts offers a winning solution for everyone: with every perfect exchange, your customers will receive a discount on their basket. Thus, you will not only loyalize your regular customers or new users who have gained access, but also you will have happy and happy users who are ready to share your products to buy new products!

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