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Lets you insert a countdown showing the remaining time for an offer or the quantity available for a particular product on your e-commerce product pages.

“Use the principle of urgency and scarcity for your site, and you will see that the number of conversions will increase significantly.” This is one of the most repeated expressions on the net when it comes to marketing strategies, but it cannot be truer. If users realize that their time for making a decision is limited or that the product they are interested in is available only in a limited number of products, they will decide to purchase them faster and faster. This is exactly what the countdown does.

Using a countdown for your products will help you increase purchases exponentially. With the YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown, you can show a specific countdown for each of your products and trigger the exact same effect as the last-minute offer.

Then, if you add a shortage effect to it and you can show the amount of remaining goods and update them in real time, this will be done: interested users will become actual buyers, they will rush into purchases because they will probably not find the item anymore, which interested them.

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