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Allows your customers to track orders placed in your e-commerce.

The online purchase process begins when users add the product to the chart, and it can be considered completed when the product reaches its destination: our E-commerce gains credibility by loyalizing the customer with product delivery. Users want fast, safe and reliable delivery: that is why it is important that your customers track the order and follow the delivery steps.

Users bought their goods and started payment. Order completed. And now? If you think you can finally relax, satisfied with the latest transaction, you are mistaken.
Even if you delivered the parcel to the carrier and appointed an external company for delivery, you are still responsible for the goods shipped: you will be the person with whom the client will contact in case of a delay, and yours will be contacted by e-mail. commerce that will lose credibility by receiving negative reviews in case of delivery loss.

The best customer service that you can offer should go with customers, starting from the moment of purchase and ending with when they finally receive what they have purchased in your online store. Giving users the freedom to watch the entire product delivery process with one click with order tracking will simplify the entire sales process and help you manage your customers’ requests.

This is the easiest way to get rid of these phone calls and all emails regarding the time and method of delivery, as well as all complaints about possible shipping company errors that you suggested.

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