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Let your customers compare similar products in a table that highlights differences and focuses on product features.

Make your customers’ lives easier and give them the opportunity to compare your products in the simplest and most effective way. With just a few clicks, they will get an overview of everything you offer, and they will be able to choose what best suits their needs!

YITH WooCommerce Compare is an indispensable tool for you if you have a large store that includes many products with similar features.
Studies conducted in most popular online stores have shown that the more consumers have more options and, therefore, similar products to choose from, the more they feel confused and need to analyze every opportunity before buying.

Thanks to this plugin, your customers will be able to compare products sold in your store in a simple and effective way, analyze their main characteristics in a single table and immediately understand what suits them, without having to study each individual product. page looking for the information they are looking for.
Simplifying the selection process means speeding up the buying process and pushing customers to purchase as soon as possible.

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