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This plugin allows you to set various navigation filters that will help your customers find the products they are interested in in a few seconds. You will improve the usability of e-commerce by simplifying the advanced search for your products, especially if there are a lot of them in the catalog. You’ll increase conversions by making product searches easier and more relevant to your customers ’needs.

Let your users filter products according to their needs, and after a few seconds they will find exactly what they want to buy: simple and a powerful tool for reaching your customers with their ideal product, speeding up your buying process and improving conversion rates. Rate your online store.

The ability to filter products in a store is so common that it has become not only effective, but also necessary. Users are accustomed to relying on this tool and not offering it can be extremely harmful to your store.

Thanks to the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter, you can avoid this risk and increase the conversion rate in your store.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter allows your customers to quickly find the right products: a powerful and vital tool, especially if your e-commerce offers a huge catalog of products.
Studies show that 75% of users leave the site if they cannot find what they are looking for in 15 seconds. Facilitate the process of searching and selecting products, and Rapider will become necessary to ensure customer loyalty and sales support.

Thanks to our plugin, your customers will be able to filter products – instantly, thanks to Ajax technology – choose among the existing options for each individual product: size, color, category, price and so on.
But there is one more thing: you can also select different filters together (for example, show all products of the same color, size and price) and filter products by publication date, rating, number of sales … in fact, there are no restrictions on the filter options you can offer!

The effectiveness of this plugin is explained by its continuous improvement: we recently introduced the ability to filter products alphabetically and two new layouts to display the filter used.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter is an ideal product for all types of stores, especially those that offer a large number of products and risk confusing customers and losing some important sales.
Lead your potential customers to your products effectively and remember: you only have 15 seconds to do it!

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