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When you buy in a store, you usually get a warm and hearty “Thank you” from your seller, and that is when you can receive a gift, or maybe you are just offered to look at something else, in particular, a promotion or a specific event.

Why not do the same in your online store, thanking each user for their purchase? Your customers will surely appreciate it.

was created YITH Custom Thank You Page for Woocommerceto fill in a small gap in the purchase process, which will be very useful if used correctly. In just a few seconds, you can set up a thank you page for your entire store or even a separate page for each individual product.

You can use the thank you page for an additional sale or share something specific with your customers right after their purchase.

Using the custom YITH thanks page, you will have the opportunity to offer additional information after a specific transaction, and I’m sure that you are already getting a ton of ideas, right? Use this simple and inexpensive method to let your customers know that you value them using your own style.

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