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You can create registration forms for your lists of active companies directly from your store, managing tags associated with users for segmentation, even at the checkout.

Email is one of the most useful channels in online business, and this is not a secret.

Almost all owners of the online market around the world claim that most of their income comes from their mailing list, since any letter sent is a good opportunity to receive new sales.

A simple email sent at the right time can lead buyers to make a second purchase, and the likelihood that you are currently spending them on every successful order you receive can cost hundreds of dollars.

What if you could send an email depending on the category the purchased product belongs to?

Imagine if you could send an email to customers who have added a specific product to their cart and completed an order. Do you see the opportunity?

Our new plugin was created in order to provide WooCommerce with all the features of this amazing service, making full use of its potential, but at the same time monitoring the aspects of e-commerce.

ThanksYITH Active Campaign for WooCommerce Premium, you can also create your own forms in just a few moments, assign specific tags, send emails as soon as the purchase threshold is reached, and so on …

We also introduced a very important function that allows you to segment your user base into According to the information entered at the time of placing the order, for example, you can enter all the inhabitants of a certain city in a certain list to start the flow of automatic emails containing information ju and / or promotions dedicated to a certain part of your users

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