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XRumer v5.0.5 Palladium is considered to be one of the best car submitters. It will automatically post your ads, articles, and releases to forums, guest books, message boards, and link directories. XRumer will help in the shortest possible time to increase the link mass and traffic to your site hundreds of times.

Features of the program:
– the return on the program has been increased more than 20 times
– the attached databases have been completely updated
– the Profiles id * .txt report has been added – direct links to registered and edited profiles
– a 100% reliable check of registration success has been implemented
– Now the program works with a mailbox is registered, letters
are downloaded – the program launch speed has been increased
– implemented the correct processing of forms “multipart / form-data”
– created an intelligent proxy / socks manager
– improved posting in phpBB 3, BMForum, Web Wiz Forums, Ukoz, VBulletin 3 and many others
– corrections were made in the proxy checker
– the project storage format is now only one – XML
– errors in the operation of the Link Converter tool were fixed
– the proxyc / engine.php module was improved
– critical sections were optimized
– the proportion of saved links in RLinksList and ELinksList was increased
– the error in the database analyzer was fixed, and the ability to sort forums by real ones was added by eschaemosti
– Added option “input if the nickname is not available”
– in debug mode (when you click on “Test”) the log of text associations and link types
is now also saved – UserAgent is now randomized with refspam
– now you can use masks in xblack.txt (blacklist): *
– a series has been produced changes in the design of the interface
– reduced restrictions on the login set (you can use spaces, Cyrillic, etc. – but this can reduce penetration)
– a number of critical sections of the program code have been optimized
– the accuracy of the check for active links has been improved, links are also taken into account when checking in signature
– added by Bragg of average mailing speed (bottom right)
– some restrictions on the nickname have been removed: you can use the Cyrillic alphabet, spaces
– fixed stupid bug of “sticking together” lines in a post – on forums with “multipart / form-data”
– now in aggressive mailing mode texts and headings on the same site vary
– recognition capabilities of captcha type “click on the image with a cat” are added
– if the forum displays the error “The required field … is not filled”, and this field is unknown to the program – it is automatically recognized by the additional algorithm and is filled in
– the “Project” menu item is now not hidden by default
– macros are improved, it is now possible in the #file_links macro to macro use sub-macro in the file name
– made amendments in the “registration only”
– refined system of scheduling,

– Windows 98/2000/2003 / XP / Vista
– 1GHz processor, 256MB RAM
– preferably a high-speed Internet connection without traffic restrictions

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