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Jobster WordPress Theme | Service Marketplace Theme

This is a WordPress theme that allows you to open your own market for jobs and services. Your users will be able to offer their services just like they would on Envato or Fiverr by setting an hourly rate or a flat price. Also, this theme will allow you to post job advertisements like on Upwork or Kwork, and site users will be able to submit their resumes.

Admin The theme offers control over every aspect of your service market. It provides for confirming services, viewing or canceling them, technical support, changing orders, newsletters, adding information about users, etc.

Multilingualism. Services can be provided simultaneously in multiple languages.
User interface. The built-in interface offered to users allows you to place and edit information about positions, payment, personal data. From here, you can view the history of transactions, manage purchase and sale services, etc.

Newsletter.The system integrates a newsletter that is available to registered users. This may be news regarding the promotion of new services, which contributes to their better promotion. Managing lists is possible directly from the console, statistics are kept about all clicks, opening and reading.

Payment system. The theme provides integration with PayPall and Stripe, as well as multi-currency support. You can connect to any other payment system to choose from.

Notification of users. The theme has a system that notifies users of various actions: buying, selling, providing tasks, ordering updates, receiving feedback, etc.

Status.Depending on the reputation, the user receives a status, or level. In part, it is determined by sales. An increase in status leads to a decrease in commissions from operations. A flexible commission structure is a great way to reward and motivate sellers registered in your system.

Updating the exchange rate. The exchange rate can be changed automatically based on the Open Exchange Rates API. The course changes daily, but it can also be set manually from the console.

User correspondence. The built-in messaging system is a very important element for various services. Here it includes a filter for email addresses, a file downloader, notifications, etc.

Service requests.A request for services is the ability of a buyer to leave a request for which sellers will be able to leave their proposals. As noted, the feature can boost sales by 20%.

Connecting social networks. Do not neglect the possibility of integrating into the social media service. Every webmaster knows about this, so they often try to provide users with the opportunity to register on the service through their profile account on social networks. It also provides for this opportunity: everyone can connect to your market of services through an account of any social network

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