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WP Clever FAQ Builder – This unique plugin allows you to easily and quickly create complex FAQs to effectively help your customers. Instead of a simple, simple FAQ from a list of questions / answers, the generated FAQ can have an infinity of levels of questions. This allows your customers to get very specific answers to solve their problems, without having to read a ton of different questions before finding good information.

Each step of your frequently asked questions can contain rich content, ask a question, and show a list of predefined answers. A powerful, visual and intuitive conditional system allows you to easily link your various steps depending on specific conditions.

Your frequently asked questions can be displayed on any page, simply using shortcodes or the Visual Composer module . There is also a contact form that allows your customers to quickly ask their question if they do not find it in the FAQ. A question can be emailed to the administrator and will be displayed on the server to help you improve your frequently asked questions.

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