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Product information

XforWooCommerce Nulled is a plugin for WooCommerce. It has many modules that work together in your store. These additional parameters, settings and functions are unified and used by the modules together. Tasks get done faster, work gets done easier, and your customers make the difference. At the moment the plugin includes 15 modules: Product filters; Product options; Badges and tokens; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Real-time product editing; PDF, print and share; Store design; Warranty and return; Product tabs; Spam control; Price management; Bulk adding to cart; Real-time search; Pop-up cart; Discount for bulk purchase. Let’s dive into each of them:

Product filters. The best and fastest product filters for any WooCommerce store. Demos include Fashion & Apparel Store, Electronics & Appliances, Auto Parts Finder, Health Food Store and more!

Product options. Don’t only sell products! Additional opportunities can bring a lot of income! Get more out of your products with this plugin. Full support for product variations as well as images, pricing, availability, out of stock and backorders.

Badges and tokens. WooCommerce Product Badges Including Sale Counter Badges, New Badges, Category Badges and Tags! More than 50 presets are available. View demos for more information.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). The extra SEO that this plugin provides is all you need to run any store search engine optimization on autopilot. This plugin covers all pages and meta tags. Very economical in terms of your server resources.

Real-time product editing. Edit products directly on the store page or on any page where products are presented. All parameters are in the front end of your site. This tool is a lifesaver for managing products from tablets and portable devices.

PDF , print and share. Add print, PDF, and email support to your store. Let customers download, email or print products. All this is automatically available for any product with a simple flip of a switch.

Store design. There are some awesome product designs for your WooCommerce store. They are installed in a few seconds and are immediately ready to use. Stunning designs that increase conversions and add variety to your products.

Warranty and return. Add warranty and return options. This plugin integrates into WooCommerce order pages to allow users to request a warranty or refund. Warranty presets available!

Product tabs. Helpful product tab manager. CSV tables, images, videos, texts, HTML, shortcodes. Easily create tabs from product meta keys. Rename or disable tabs with a short description or additional information. Plus conditional tabs!

Spam control. This plugin helps you fight spam. Using its functions, your store will never feel the pain of thousands of spam emails. Spam Control blocks spam traffic that reaches your site and automatically removes it.

Price management. With an intuitive price management user interface, you will be able to perform thousands of product price transactions in a matter of seconds. Planning sales with 20% off 100 items is now one click away. Product variations supported!

Bulk add to cart. Bulk Add to Cart adds checkboxes for your store’s products and a bulk add tool that allows customers to add more items to their cart at one time. How it works? It’s very simple: select several products, set the quantity and click “Bulk add to cart”!

Real-time search. Real Time Search for WooCommerce offers the coolest element for any website. Find products with ease using this module. Any page builder is supported! Elementor, Gutenberg, WPBakery Page Builder, even Cornerstone, whatever.

Pop-up cart. Don’t let your shopping cart hide from customers! Get an XforWooCommerce cart solution that works with any theme. WooCommerce add to cart from AJAX and other options are supported.

Discount for bulk purchase. Bulk discount module can set percentage or fixed discounts for your products for a given quantity. There is a selection option with packages available, so you can display offers such as 6×99.99, 12×99.99, etc.

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