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Powerful WooCommerce filters for color, size, and attributes take WooCommerce to the next level.

Setting up WooCommerce filters is very simple and fast. Use the intuitive color palette to choose the colors for your store, and then, for each product, just select the ones that apply. This works the same for sizes.

For categories and tags, it’s even easier! Ultimate WooCommerce Filters automatically recognizes the categories and tags that you have already set up in WooCommerce. It is as simple as turning on filtering in our options. After that, you will automatically receive all your WooCommerce categories and WooCommerce tags as filters on your store page.

Create a powerful, effective and practical product viewing experience for your customers with the ability to filter your products by WooCommerce attributes. This is the attribute functionality built into WooCommerce and used by you to provide specific information about your products. In our WooCommerce filtering options, simply include the attributes that you want to add to the filtering widget, and they will automatically appear as filters on the page of your WooCommerce store. No additional settings are required. This is an incredibly useful feature that takes WooCommerce customer experience to a whole new level for your customers!

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