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Templatica is a lightweight WordPress plugin designed to create and manage WPBakery Page Builder templates.

The plugin allows you to manage content (page builder elements, blocks of code, etc.) added to multiple pages/ posts/ custom post types from one place. The above function saves a lot of time; instead of updating the same content on multiple pages, you can do so from one template. The native WordPress import/ export functionality allows you to easily and seamlessly migrate templates between systems.

High scalability and modularity of the code

Templatica allows you to build templates that can be used without any restrictions in other posts/ pages/ custom post types. This means that you can manage your content from one place, no matter how many times you’ve attached the template to different pages/ posts etc. All modifications made to the template will be visible on all pages/ posts that use this template.

Build on native WordPress functionality

Templatica was created based on native WordPress functionalities (eg Custom Post Type) and MySQL tables (no external tables are created). This solution allows you to avoid problems related to data migration between different environments. No other action is needed for a backup.

Integration with WPBakery Page Builder

Templatica expands the WPBakery Page Builder component library with a new element called Template. It can be used in WPBakery Page Builder visual mode and allows you to choose predefined templates to place on your page/ post.

Access control

Templatica allows you to restrict access to templates based on WordPress user roles (such as Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber etc.). In other words, the newly built template can be accessed by users based on their roles defined in WordPress. Only the author of the template has unlimited access.

Sidebar template

Templatica gives you the option to create a template that can be used directly in the theme’s sidebar. The plugin extends the existing widget list with a new one called Template. As with the WPBakery item, the widget allows you to select the template used in the sidebar.

Nested templates

Templatica allows you to build a template that may contain other nested templates. This feature gives endless possibilities of modularizing the website.

Creating templates based on existing content

Templatica allows you to create templates based on existing content from posts/ pages/ custom post types. It’s very easy with our plugin; one click is enough when editing the entry. All other steps will be performed automatically.

List of posts/ pages where the template has been used

Templatica shows a list of posts/ pages where the template has been used. This option is very handy; especially when you need to remove the template and make sure that this action does not affect the appearance of your website. The entire list is available in one place.

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