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Save time, money and resources, let the Store Manager do the chore instead of you. Store Manager PRO will help your store stand out from the crowd!

Spend an hour, save a day!
Store Manager for PrestaShop was created to work for you. This is your personal assistant who performs most of the routine tasks, saving you time for more pleasant things.
Import and export, reports, additions – no need to spend days sorting out the details of the store, spend a few hours to learn how to work with Store Manager.

Use one product to manage multiple stores. Store managerdoes not require special skills and knowledge, you do not need to pay someone to keep your store up to date. Most important operations can be completed quickly and independently.

Features of Store Manager PRO

– Easily and quickly change the category tree and sort them
– Quickly modify, delete and clone products
– Conveniently manage product images, drag and drop images directly from the browser window
– Quickly change prices, mark-up for several products at the same time, change prices by a certain% compared to current
– Automatic rounding and the formation of “smart” prices – 19.95, 14.99 and. etc.
– Work offline, apply modifications when an Internet connection appears
– Work with multiple stores from one workplace
– Manage attributes and attribute groups
– Easily back up and restore the store’s database
– Import and export categories and products, export orders and customers
– Sales reports
– Even more functionality implemented in add-ons

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