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SEF Wizard is an extension designed to improve routing and CNC in Joomla! The abbreviation SEF stands for Search Engine Friendly, and CNC stands for Human Readable URLs. The SEF Wizard package consists of a system plug-in – Engine, and a component for the admin panel – Controls. The simple architecture of the extension code ensures high performance.

Removing ID from URL of standard Joomla! Components
Elimination of duplicate pages: complete removal with a 404 error, redirecting duplicate requests to canonical pages using a 301 redirect, setting canonical links for duplicates, setting the NOINDEX meta tag for service URLs. There are several filtering modes for takes, allowing you to block takes by flexible or strict criteria.
Nice pagination: setting arbitrary pagination tags for articles and categories instead of standard query string parameters – pagination tags become part of the URL, for example category / article / page-1.
A smart error handler that allows you to create your own error page based on your template, while your site design will be completely preserved, as well as all modules that are used.
Sending notifications about the occurred fatal errors by email.
Improved tag routing: Correction of URLs of the form component / tags / tag / item, while the tags associated with the menu will always have correct paths.
A robots.txt editor that allows you to edit this file directly from your admin panel.
A redirect manager that allows you to create external redirection rules with the selected server response code, as well as perform internal redirects to Joomla! The redirect manager works with both absolute and relative URLs. Rules can be specified with exact and regular expressions. There is support for UTF-8, allowing you to specify domains in UTF-8 encoding without punycode.

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